Space Wyrm, Arcane Inventor, Gunlugger, squad member


Xabraxian (Brax) is a small space wyrm with a body of roughly 1 meter (not counting his tail). His scales range from smoky grey to blackish purple and his eyes are the color of molten gold. He rarely wears any kind of garments aside from a sturdy dura-weave vest and a pair of green-lensed goggles on his forehead.

At his age (10 by dragon years), Brax is extremely curious and excitable; fascinated to see new places and technologies. As a space wyrm, he’s immensely intelligent, but immature and inexperienced.


The Gunluggers met Xabraxian by chance on one of their travels. He’d been trapped by a frost drake hell-bent on turning him into her next meal. The Gunluggers drove drove the beast off and, in exchange, Brax offered his services to them while he explored the planet.


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