Seer, Cassius' cousin, squad member


Verona is a slim gypsy girl of 16. She has long, dark hair cascading down her back and large grey eyes. She typically wears a T-shirt and breeches or skirt under a short sarong. In combat situations, she dons an old racing jacket made of duraweave.

Cassius remembers Verona as an ebulient, if slightly odd girl. Adolescence has made her quiet and distant. She isn’t shy or humorless; merely distracted.


Verona grew up in a gypsy clan traveling the frontier. Her mother was Cassius’ aunt by way of his father. While he only saw her at large gatherings, he has a few memories of her and her sisters as troublesome young women. It had been several years since he’d last seen Verona when she contacted him looking for work.


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