Hennessey Wyck

Operative from the states


A, tall, fit man in his late 20s, Hennessey is very handsome. He has wavy, coppery hair and sun-bronzed skin. His eyes are made of rare cybernetics, capable of changing to any color (though, when neutral, they’re a silver aperture, like a camera lens). He typically wears a thick military sweater, with advanced plating in the shoulders and chest.

Hennessy’s exact personality can be difficult to nail down. He can be sly and seductive when it suits him, or shift to terse. He’s a ruthless killer in battle but has standards he will not compromise.


Hennessey’s background is a bit of a mystery. He joined the Gunluggers when he encountered them at Maggie’s Gulch, looking for work. His skillset implies a great deal of training and experience, esp for his age, but he refuses to divulge any details (except that he has worked as a spy). He remains evasive on the specifics…

Hennessey Wyck

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