Cletus Verand

Mayor and founder of Maggie's Gulch


Cletus is in his early forties with a large auburn mustache. The years have been good to him, allowing him to grow from stocky to extremely fat. He typically wears a white suit with a matching had, and has a penchant for cigar chomping.

Cletus has a friendly, congenial disposition. Against his better judgment, he has a soft-spot for the Gunluggers, and does his best to connect them with jobs he thinks will go smoothly or pay well. That said, he’s got his limits, and won’t allow slavery or assassination anywhere near his merc-town. Cletus is fiercely protective of (and often confounded by) his daughter Maggie.


Cletus grew up as a frontier brat, but spent the majority of his adult years working his way up to head of a smuggling ring along the east coast. His life of adventure came to an end when his beloved wife died in childbirth, leaving him to raise his baby daughter on his own. With no legal skills to fall back on, he founded the successful mercenary town of Maggie’s Gulch.

Cletus Verand

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