Brother Caleb

Brother Caleb is a disgraced warrior-priest.


Caleb is tall with stringy brown hair and green eyes. He wears a dusty black robe and a wide brimmed hat. His robe becomes a half-robe at the waist, allowing him freedom of movement to practice the Brotherhood’s martial arts techniques. He also wears a priestly collar and a purple stole with the golden cross of the Brotherhood embroidered on it.


Caleb was one of many orphans. Nothing set him apart or made him special and were it not for what he sees as Divine providence he would have most likely died an early and tragic death. When he was 6 years old he wandered into a pre-war ruin and encountered a pack of feral dogs that would have torn him apart were it not for the monk of the Brotherhood of the Sons of Lazarus who saved his life. This monk, Brother Julian, had come to the ruin in search of one of the Lazarian Manuscripts, which the Brotherhood believes are the long lost writings of Lazarus.
The Brotherhood teaches that after Christ resurrected Lazarus, the man was gifted with an unnaturally long lifespan and began a secret ministry of observation, charity, and prophetic writing. His works, the Lazarian Manuscripts have been lost over the centuries, but the Brotherhood believes that they can be used to bring new hope to the world of today and perhaps even bring it back from the brink of annihilation.
Caleb followed Julian around, never leaving the monk’s side. At first the monk merely tolerated it, but as he began to realize that Caleb would not leave he tutored him in the ways of the Brotherhood. After 5 years Julian returned to the Brotherhoods fortress-monastery where he presented the half trained boy to the elders. Although the rest of the Brotherhood was displeased that Julian had trained Caleb without authorization they grudgingly agreed to continue his training. Caleb stayed at the monastery for 7 more years.
After being forced to leave the Sons of Lazarus for some reason unknown to the rest of the party, Caleb wandered the new frontier joining a couple mercenary groups (of which Klogmorph was a member), but never losing the faith that the Brotherhood had instilled in him nor the drive to find the Lazarian Manuscripts and bring healing to this broken world. After Collateral Damage, the last mercenary company he was in was destroyed Caleb fell into a deep depression. Seeking God’s guidance he asked for a sign, and it was soon after that he ran into Kahless who he took in and nursed back to health. Caleb now considers Kahless to be his redemption, and believes that his new ward is important to finding the Manuscripts.

Brother Caleb

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