Arianna Clinton

The owner and operator the Clinton Industries.


Arianna is a tall, thin woman in her late 30s with a heavily made-up face and a mane of texas-teased blonde hair. She typically wears a fitted suit with a set of pearls and high-heeled shoes.

Arianna is polite, in the strictest sense of the word, but condescending and domineering. She pays well, but her jobs often come with catches or hidden twists. She’s not above coercion or manipulation if she really wants something.


As an heir of the Clinton dynasty, Arianna grew up with everything a girl could ask for: fine food, fancy clothes, her own army of genetically modified servants…but what she really loved was money. With a brilliant mind for science and business, Arianna took Clinton Industries to new heights, becoming the face of industrialism and war profiteering in the new west.

Arianna Clinton

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