A Whimper and a Bang!

Vault Exploration

After the business with the Atlantians the Gunluggers took on a job to recover a precious treasure from an old fallout shelter built before the war. The bunker, or vault, was located under a town of mutated humans. When the Gunluggers entered the vault they found it was a maze inhabited by goblins and ogres. Barley surviving their initial encounter the group entered a central chamber where they discovered an enormous contraption in the center. The group reasoned that it was the storage center of the vault and the most likely place to find the treasure. Kahless reasoned that the storage area could be opened via the use of four metal bars ala a safe, they were already in procession of one and found another after scrounging around.
After falling into a trap set by the goblins the Gunluggers came face to face with a group of soldiers from New Columbia, a state located where New York City used to be. The soldiers were also searching for the vault and thanks to the diplomacy of Brother Caleb cut a deal to split the profits 60/40 and let the Columbians take credit for the find. The Columbians left, but not before Klogmorph stole the rod for the safe they had found.
At a fork the party decided to split up and scout, Klogmorph goeing one way, and Kahless and Grindlestag going another. As you can probably guess an eight foot tall Gragath and a Goblin banging a bone everywhere were not the best stealth party, humorously they wound up walking in on the Goblin sleeping chamber where a dozen Goblins were resting. At the same time Klogmorph entered the kitchen and triggered a trap that alerted an ogress to the party. Divided, trapped and fighting on both sides this looked like the end, but thanks to a divine miracle from Brother Caleb, a well-placed shot by Klogmorph, and the liberal usage of firepower from Kahless and Grindlestag, the party prevailed. They discovered the last rod soon after, being used by the ogre chieftain as a scepter. Thankfully Klogmorph stole the rod out of his sleeping hands, saving the chieftain from Grindlestags mighty bone.
The party opened the vault without informing the Columbians, hoping to renegade on their deal and get 100% of the profits. Down in the storage area they discovered it was inhabited by meat puppets, zombie like creatures reanimated by a virus. The group prepared to flee but discovered the treasure, old spices in an abandoned Italian restaurant. Knowing they couldn’t carry all the spices out with the meat puppets so close, Kahless radioed the Columbians for reinforcements. As the Columbians tried to hold the line Kahless revealed his plan, use the Columbians as bait to hold off the meat puppets while the Gunluggers took the spices, then seal the Columbians inside too their doom. He then proceeded to attack a solider but the party stopped him, not wanting to go through with his heartless plan. After escaping the Vault Brother Caleb apologized for Kahless’s actions and agreed to the 60/40 split, minus the few jars the party managed to hide.

The Siege of Caledonia

The Gunluggers-A mercenary company brought together out of need to survive and a will to do the dirty work of eliminating threats in this broken remnant of the old world. Currently the Gunluggers consists of Kahless, a bloodthirsty Gragath mechanic; Klogmorph a Cephling with a knack for getting into and out of hard to reach places; Brother Caleb, a disgraced monk searching the wasteland for ancient knowledge; Grindlestag, a small,blue, psionic goblin with a penchant for mischief, mayhem, and shiny objects; and Cassius a gypsy healer.

The Gunlugger’s most recent mission involved picking up and delivering a shipment of weapons to a city named Caledonia that was under siege by a force mof Atlanteans.
After taking the job from their primary contact, a very large man named Cletus, the party made their way to the pick up point. On the way they were ambushed by fire breathing mutant bugs, but were able to dispatch them quickly. Arriving at their destination the group met with Arianna Clinton, a Southern Belle straight out of the old world. Arianna owns one of the largest weapons manufacturing factories on the continent and had made a contract with Caledonia to deliver a number of assault rifles as well as mysterious canisters of green liquid to the besieged city. Despite some members of the group having a poor relationship with Arianna from previous jobs that did not go as planned, the Gunluggers were able to swallow their pride a bit and loaded the shipment onto their vehicles and traveled to Caledonia.

Fighting their way through an Atlantean ambush, the party eventually found a way to run the blockade around the city and deliver the weapons. Having grown suspicious of the containers with the green liquid they did some research and discovered that the liquid was a biological weapon designed to kill Atlanteans.

Not wanting to aid in mass murder and seeing an opportunity to end the siege with a minimal loss of life the Gunluggers went to the Atlanteans and brokered a truce which had the Atlanteans withdraw from the city in exchange for a cure to the biological weapon (conveniently whipped up by Cassius). This ended the siege without further bloodshed and the party headed back to report the job’s success toCletus


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